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Bat Box
Erecting bat boxes within suitable trees can provide effective mitigation in many cases during development

If a bat roost is going to be affected by any development proposals, then a license for European Protected Species will need to be obtained from Natural England and a suitable mitigation method statement that details how the bats will be protected and conserved post-development. Standard mitigation typically involves avoiding development at times of the year when bats are most vulnerable, the modification of existing roosts or the provision of replacement roosts. We are licensed and are able to help you through the mitigation process. It is recommended that surveys are undertaken during the embryonic stages of the project so that delays are minimised.

Bats in the British Isles are protected under European legislation and it is an offence to kill, capture or disturb bats. It is also an offence to damage, destroy or obstruct access to their place of roost. It is however possible to avoid commiting any offence through robust survey and well managed mitigation work.