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Artificial setts are constructed as part of badger mitigation

Badgers are frequently encountered on development projects, and the animals themselves and and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. If work is planned close to a sett which is likely to cause a disturbance, a licence from Natural England will be required for the work to go ahead. This is also the case for for any exclusions, sett closures or sett destruction that may need to take place in order to make way for development.

A development licence for badgers is likely to be granted only between July and November inclusive (i.e. outside the badger breeding season), and so it is of great importance to take badgers into consideration during the early stages of the development process.

Our staff and associates undertake all aspects of survey and mitigation, including baseline survey, artificial sett design and build licenced exclusion and sett closure and sett destruction.